Amanda Fried


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Meet a Chorister -
Matrimonial attorney – so, no stress there!
What was your audition like?
I was a little shy about auditioning; actually, I was terrified. Paul Mueller, our director, was wonderfully kind and supportive. Afterwards, I felt foolish at how petrified I was to sing before him.
Musical history:
At 4, I took piano lessons sitting on the bench next to my mother. I gave concerts growing up, including at Carnegie Hall when I was 16. At various times of my life, I’ve played violin, harp, and flute. I still play piano (love Debussy!) and I am using this social distancing time to learn guitar.
Fondest GCS memory:
Moments before my first concert was about to begin, we were lighting the candles for our procession, and I started to cry, I was so excited.