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Meet a Chorister -

Gary Disher (tenor)

Member Since:

Profession: Real estate agent with Keller Williams Real Estate. I also have a side job, what I call a “Tech Shaman”: helping people with technology, networking, making Wi-Fi work in their homes.

What are you listening to right now? John Rutter’s Requiem; Halsey; 80’s & 90’s music; Canadian singers Joni Mitchell, Jane Siberry, and Sarah McLachlan (I grew up in Ontario); rap.

Fondest GCS memories:

My first concert with GCS: Bach’s Mass in B minor. That moment before the concert began: standing in my tux on the riser, the audience silent, the full orchestra poised – and then we’re off!

Touring Italy and Paris: an impromptu “concert” at the Cathedral of Chartres: mind if we sing something here?

Travel? Just seeing my family is a full-time job. I have one son in British Columbia, a daughter in Ottawa, and my youngest lives in Halifax. My wife Marge’s two kids live in L.A.

Hobbies? Skiing, hiking, bicycling, wilderness canoeing.

New Member of the Family? I have a playful new kitten, Katia, a Siberian Forest Cat. Her personality is just like mine: if there’s something interesting or dangerous, she runs right to it.

Gary Disher (tenor)
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