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2nd In Person Rehearsal
1st rehearsal cropped.jpg
1st Indoor Rehearsal 2021


By Lee Paine    4.18.2021


In again, out again,

cold wind and sun,

foggy glasses, cold fingers,

couldn’t spoil our fun!

In a beautiful meadow,                

we gathered and sang,

Paul encouraged, conducted,

James’s piano keys rang.

How epic it was,

our first time back together,

ensuring our choral music,

with GCS goes on, whatever!

Don’t miss the next rehearsal –

please come, because we need you

to sing to save our history

and to save our future, too! 

1st In Person Rehearsal
April 2021
It's Been A Zoom Kind of Year!
1st Rehearsal of 2019-2020
GCS Benefit 05-05-2019
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