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Ted Fine (baritone)

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Profession: I work for Bloomberg in New York as Executive Producer of Global Partnerships. Bloomberg has partner networks around the world that produce local language versions of Bloomberg, everywhere from Mongolia to Bulgaria. We are launching a new network in the countries that formerly were Yugoslavia, so I need to get out there soon.

Hobbies: I’ve been running marathons for the past 20 years. I ran 3:21 in the Boston Marathon this year; my fastest was 3:15 in Berlin. I’m trying to get faster as I get older, a mean trick. Running also takes me to far-off places; I’m supposed to do London and Tokyo next year.

Something quirky: If this conversation weren’t about singing, “something quirky” would be singing in a choral society. My quirk is having lots of different interests. I play golf and tennis, and play in an adult ice hockey league in Stamford.

Family: Almost 30 years married. I met my wife Michelle when we were 18. I have three children, one out of college, one in college, one in high school. My mother and father always said they wanted me to be a well-rounded individual, and I wanted the same for my kids. One daughter hiked 1500 miles on the Appalachian Trail. Another played varsity field hockey and ice hockey – not that she’s ever going to do it professionally – but she just loves it. And my son, who played hockey and tennis in high school, played Ultimate Frisbee in college and his team won the National Championship! Now he’s taken up the guitar with a passion.

Ted Fine (baritone)
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