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Meet a Chorister -

Wendy Dziurzynski (alto)

Member Since:

Profession: French Horn player; GCS Administrator

Why did you join GCS? I was playing French horn in the Greenwich Pops concert and GCS was on the program. I liked what I heard.

Why do you sing? My Nonno, Italian for grandfather, just loved music. He sang melody, my Nonna sang harmony, and they taught me the words to Tyrolian folk songs, with me not understanding a word I was singing. Nonno came to western Pennsylvania to work in the coal mines, played piano with no training, loved polkas and accordion music, loved Verdi’s “Va Pensiero.” I still sing those songs today.

What are you listening to right now? Anything and everything. Classical, country, jazz, folk. I just got to interview Judy Collins, who made a film about Antonia Brico, GCS’s only female musical director.

Hobbies? Cooking anything and everything. My mother loved to cook. We created 2-3 binders of her recipes for my children to save, cherish, and pass along to the next generation.

Fondest musical memory? We performed Brahms’s A German Requiem at a combined Yale Philharmonia and Glee Club concert. I played third French horn for the first three movements, then stood and sang the rest of the piece with the chorus.

Wendy Dziurzynski (alto)
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